Let’s drop the price of your sanity

A recent Gallup survey found that 58% of surveyed Americans said they owned stocks. But keeping up with a diversified portfolio, or any list of stocks isn’t easy.

Daily price movements don’t give reason or context, so investors typically use multiple sources beyond their broker to stay updated and get new perspectives. This has fueled an explosive growth in related newsletters, social media, and analysis sites.

Giving each investment 5-10 minutes of attention per day can easily add up to over an hour, so many retail investors track diligently in the beginning but eventually give up. Daily check-ins become weekly, and weekly check-ins become monthly. Investors struggle to strike a balance between portfolio neglect and information overload.

We’re here to fix this. Here to take investors right to what matters. Not for clicks. To make it as easy as possible for investors to stay in the loop.

Fearless Girl at NYSE

We aggregate news, analysis, and financial data from hundreds of sources. Then independently rank, curate, and shape the information into a daily personal update for each investor.

With unbiased daily update, you can skim in a matter of minutes, you can focus on what is important. Maximizing opportunities, mitigating risks without wasting hours a day.

No noise – no clickbait – no bulls**t.

We’re here to make you the best investor possible.

It’s as easy as one-two-three. Just click here to set up a list of stocks to track.