10 Great Accounts to Get You Started on Twitter

Twitter is a goldmine of smart content for investors with hundreds of credible commentators providing up to the minute commentary and content to make you a better investor. But where to start? Here’s ten hard-working daily contributors to consider:

Earnings Whispers (@eWhispers) – Website
The research firm that produces the “Earnings Whisper” number posts insightful news, charts and commentary focused on upcoming earnings.

Lyn Alden (@LynAldenContact) – Website
Finance author and engineer Lyn Alden is an excellent source of macro perspectives and charts, mixing in investment strategy and single stock commentary.

Brian Feroldi (@BrianFeroldi) – Website
Popular author and financial commentator shares guides to financial wellness. Sound investing principles, how-tos and tips to avoid common pit falls, broken down in plain terms.

10-K Diver (@10kdiver)
Teaches and comments on the fundamentals of investing. His super power is deep diving into complex topics and making them easier to grasp. He started on how to analyze earnings reports (also known as a SEC Form 10-K), hence the name, but subjects are well beyond that now.

Compounding Quality (@QCompounding) – Website
Equity Fund Manager that shares daily investment insights, thoughts on sound investing and quotes from all-star investors.

Brad Freeman (@StockMarketNerd) – Website
Writes daily high-quality perspectives, news and analysis on the market and individual stocks, with mixed educational content. Check out his “1 pager” earnings summaries!

Brian Stoffel (@Brian_Stoffel) – Website
Former school teacher demystifies complex financial principles in simple terms. He regularly tweets excellent insights aimed at long-term investors. He critically breaks-down companies and concepts to help investors look beyond the price moves.
Often teaches with @BrianFeroldi

Software Stack Investing (@StackInvesting) – Website
Deep analysis of SaaS company stocks, by a seasoned software industry professional Peter Offringa. Lists his personal holdings on his website.

Pharmdca (@Pharmdca)
Full time investor that tweets daily about medium to short term opportunities in tech and biotech stocks. Shares his own portfolio and trade details.

Trading Composure (@TradingComposur) – Website
Shares trading psychology insights and perspective aimed at improving investors mental advantage.

This list does not come close to being exhaustive, but it gives a starting point from where you can explore.

Note: We are not affiliated with these authors, nor are we being compensated by them. We hope sharing them can be a source of help and inspiration for your research and investment journey.